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Glenn William Grainger


Glenn William Grainger started Blues Canvas when he presented The Rolling Stones Keyboardist and Musical Director Chuck Leavell and Juno Winners The Sadies, Lance Anderson and Steve Strongman and others in 2011.  "I love bringing people together through live music and right from that first concert I was hooked," says Grainger.  Since then he has presented Leavell at another concert and he has promoted  30 other music events that included performers Whitney Rose, Devin Cuddy, Sarah Smith, Terry Danko, Royal Wood, John Till and Plum Loco, to name a few and he is the creator of The Open A Legend concert series.  He has also written  a play about The Band's great Richard Manuel which he produced for performance in 2016.  He is currently working on another play about Chuck Leavell's career in music and he supports The Richard G. Manuel Music Award at Western University through a special annual concert.  The award goes to a well deserving performance music student at The Don Wright Faculty of Music in London, Ontario.   "I'm so grateful for everyone who supports the shows and the award in whatever way they do and we have fun," he concludes.  Glenn resides in London, ON with his wife Jillian and his son Everton and daughter Tennyson.